We at Innovation Call.com . We are a specialist project management consultancy to the Renewable Energy Water, Pharmaceutical , Defense, Textile Technology ,  infrastructure and resources sectors. Formed in 2014 our team has created an innovative and client focused project management consulting business to deliver projects a better way. Our growth is driven by us becoming our clients trusted advisors driving their success. We have brought seasoned extraordinary project managers into the business who have substantial experience and credibility at the project and corporate level and fit and compliment our philosophy. It’s ‘our word’ and reputation that will give you the result you want. We’ll save you money in either time or budget and often both. Our industry and market knowledge is critical to making up the best teams in terms of individuals and specialist companies to successfully deliver our client’s projects. Depth of knowledge, the truth and delivering the right advice and in the right terms is just what we do.

Relationships Are Critical

We hire and retain the best project managers in the industry. They want to work with us, our clients, consultants and contractors. Strong relationships are critical for our business. To bring the best results to our clients and their projects our people ensure our relationships with our clients and appropriate associated professionals are maintained and ‘release the value’ in our client’s projects. This is how we successfully deliver complex capital projects, or those in challenging or remote locations and when under public or corporate scrutiny.

Right Attitude

We have one aim. To make our clients delighted with the results we achieve on their behalf. This right attitude is witnessed by the number of repeat clients and strong recommendations we receive leading to new clients. We work passionately with a can-do attitude while working through the inevitable challenges of every project to deliver the best outcomes for clients. Without the burden of a heavy corporate bureaucracy we are free to use tailored project delivery processes using the best approach and methodology for every individual client and project. This consistently delivers the right results and achieves great outcomes for our clients and of course ourselves.

Credibility and value

Our credibility is our team ‘doing what we say’. It simply means that we’ll do it better. We term this ‘releasing the value’. We have successfully delivered hundreds of projects across multiple sectors for clients large and small, government and non government, institutional and private. We ‘release the value’ in every project by producing results that save our clients time and cost against original budgets. The ever changing landscape requires flexible and innovative project delivery models. We establish procurement strategies that are intrinsically aligned to the unique requirements of your project. We also frequently establish success fee arrangements orientated around project outcomes.