Count on Innovation Call  to level the playing field for your company. Our professionals’ open doors that no one else can.

Commercial Diplomacy.

We can help you overcome trade barriers, bureaucratic problems, or unfair trade practices to ensure that your company has the best possible chance to sell its products and services in Scotland, U.S and overseas.

Innovation Call has former diplomats, senior trade professionals who have experience working with the United Nations, World Trade Organization, Foreign Ministries of Trade, Industry, Foreign Affairs, Natural Resources, Central Banks, and Crown Corporations combined with a team of international trade lawyers.

Trade Advocacy

World-class advocacy through accredited diplomats and other Scottish and foreign officials can give you the edge on your competition and help you when unanticipated problems arise.

Support can range from meetings by IC  with high-level government officials and politicians, to letters and calls from high level Scottish and U.S. authorities.

Leverage the resources and influence of IC to level the playing field. Put the resources and authority of Innovation Calls behind your team in pursuit of international contracts or other export and investment opportunities. Our team stands ready to assist you.

The Process?

When a global company experiences a trade-related problem in North America or emerging markets, our experts use a variety of tools to achieve a resolution, tailoring the approach to the company’s needs. These problems can range from short-term issues, such as getting a product through customs, to longer-term, systemic challenges, like foreign governments reserving an entire industry sector for domestic firms.

Our process is designated to ensure credible support of the national interest and engagement of Scottish, U.S. European, and foreign Government officials, leading to more effective advocacy for your firm.

The steps include:

  •  Your firm submits an Advocacy Questionnaire and Anti-Bribery Agreement.
  •  We vet companies to ensure that only reputable and legitimate businesses receive support.
  •  We work with partners and stakeholders to create the best Advocacy strategy.
  •  Your firm receives coordinated Government support for your international business efforts.

The process starts when a company reports a trade barrier to Innovation Call with an e-mail describing the problem, its impact on the company’s ability to export and the desired resolution.

After receiving the background information, we will assemble a coordinated team to work on the problem.