Set out below is our statement of who we are. It embodies our ambition to be exceptional, our culture and our absolute determination that all of us will work with each other, our clients and our other stakeholders, day in day out, in the way we describe to help our clients go further.

Our Vision

  •  To be the world’s best provider of turn-key solutions that enable organizations to expand and win globally.

Our Mission

  •  To disrupt the management consulting industry, by being Bold. Creative. Accessible. Hands-on. Imaginative. Nimble. Responsive.

Our Values

  •  We strive to be exceptional and meet the highest standards.
  •  We are direct and honest. We say what we do and do what we say. Transparent about everything we do, we observe the highest personal, ethical and professional standards in everything we do and operate with integrity at all times. We recognize that the reputation of our company is vital to our success and we all have a duty to preserve and grow it for the long term.
  •  We value people and treat them with respect, consideration, and courtesy.
  •  We are a people business. We see diversity as a strength and value the fresh perspectives, creative ideas, and connections that flow from bringing together people with different backgrounds. We want to create a welcoming, supportive environment in which all can flourish. No matter how challenging a matter or heavy our workload, in our daily interaction we must never lose sight of the essential human qualities that we prize.
  •  We are empowered to speak our minds and unafraid of challenging ourselves. We’re confident in our creativity and determined to excel.
  •  We invest emotionally in our work and our clients’ business to create positive impact. We love what we do.
  •  We aim to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we work. Through our work for our clients, the value we contribute every day by our pro bono work and volunteering and our ethical and responsible business practices, we seek to make a real and positive difference to the world around us.

courage        Focus        Honest        Open        Passion

Corporate Governance

  •  We are committed to corporate governance of the highest standard in our own business and in our partner companies. Our principles and values are embedded in our systems and in the policies and procedures of the firm.
  •  Each of our people has an individual responsibility to act at all times honestly and with integrity.

Management Disciplines

  • Innovation Call  is founded on innovative thinking—it’s our cornerstone. We strive to create our own path, break with convention and provide clients with a unique value-added proposition that goes beyond cost-savings.
  •  We are one partnership across the world, sharing the risk and rewards of our business and with an overriding duty to bequeath the firm in better shape than we inherited it.
  •  We don’t just say we are one firm; we act like one firm right across the world. We bring together the knowledge, experience, and energy of the whole company to help our clients. We encourage, support and share in the success of all our colleagues.
  •  We work wherever our clients need us. This is how we define ourselves, not by reference to where we have offices. Cross-border work isn’t just what we do, it is what we excel at. We understand what it really takes to work across different political systems and commercial environments and to bridge language and cultural gaps.
  •  We use our knowledge, intellectual rigor and experience to help clients make judgments and achieve their aims. We have the creativity to find innovative solutions to difficult challenges and explain them simply. We have a long history but are a modern business, open to new ways of working, so that we give clients an ever more efficient and effective service.
  •  We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals, however ambitious and no matter how many obstacles they face. Our clients’ challenges are our challenges and we’ll do whatever it takes to help them in the right way to achieve the best possible outcome.